Want to raise money with for your school or cause with our up-cycled reusable bags?

We’re excited to announce our partnership with FarmRaiser, a unique online fundraising market, so you can easily generate essential funds for your non-profit or organization. If you’re sick of candy, cookie dough or coupon book fundraisers, a Rescue Recycle Reuse Fundraiser is your healthy, high-profit alternative.

Whether you’re raising money for your school, PTO, sports team, band, or club, FarmRaiser + Rescue Recycle Reuse can help you reach your goals and build a stronger, healthier and more sustainable community.  We provide you with everything you need to create healthy, profitable fundraisers. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for your FREE account using the form below — you will receive a confirmation email and a link to complete your account on the FarmRaiser fundraising platform.
2. The FarmRaiser team will help you set up and launch your customized online fundraising market
3. Your volunteers, students, and parents can sell R3 bags online, using the FarmRaiser mobile app, or even using paper forms
4. At the end of the sale, we drop-ship the bags to your school for distribution.

For more information about FarmRaiser’s approach to healthy fundraising, please visit their blog, review their FAQ, or email them at info@farmraiser.com

R3 bags are a unique product made from re-used coffee bags, and after they have finished carrying your groceries for their useful life, they can be returned to the earth and will compost naturally in your garden.  If you’re looking to do something positive for the earth, why not sell R3 bags in your next fundraiser?  See the R3 bag fact sheet here